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Amber Payroll Manager™

Introducing Amber Payroll Manager, the payroll service specifically designed for home health agencies and consumer-directed service (CDS) businesses. Amber Payroll Manager aims to simplify the payroll process, allowing you to focus on what you do best - providing care for your clients.

The Amber Payroll Manager platform is designed to save you time and hassle, eliminating the need for expensive in-house payroll staff or outsourcing to third-party companies. Plus, our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Don't let payroll headaches slow down your business. Let Gray Swan Software and the Amber Payroll Manager take care of it for you, so you can focus on what matters most - your clients. Sign up now and see the difference Amber Payroll Manager can make for your business.


  • Simple Fee Structure designed to make sense for your business starting as low as $6/patient per month.
  • Payment Cards and Direct Deposits
  • Easy reports guide you through the payroll process.
  • Quarterly tax payments are made easy.
  • Hands-off W2 and 1099 processing.
  • Quarterly and annual tax filings for Fed / State & Local taxes.
  • Employee Self-Service Portal for up-to-date verification and document retrieval.
  • Seamless integration with Amber Chron Manager and Amber CIL Manager for complete Time to Charge to Payroll processing.




The Amber Payroll Manager is designed to work best when coupled with the Amber Chron and Amber CIL Managers.


We deliver affordable eligibility, billing, and revenue cycle management solutions to healthcare providers and home service agencies.

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