Amber Clinic Manager™ is a feature-rich clinic management tool designed from the ground up to satisfy the needs of today's medical office professionals. Features include:

Classic Ease of Use

Based on over ten years of experience and knowledge in medical office billing and clinical information management, Amber Clinic Manager brings straight-forward, no-nonsense billing and patient information to your screen anywhere. You'll be amazed how easy office management with Amber Clinic Manger can be.

Patient Tracking

Access patient demographic and clinical information as well as billing and account status from your clinic, while on rounds at a hospital or other clinics or even from your home.

Patient Scheduling

View, edit or make appointments from anywhere. Send email confirmations (voice reminders coming soon) automatically from within Amber Clinic Manager.

Automatic Claims Submission

Claims filing couldn't be easier! Create, process or edit charges and reimbursements from any location. Every night your claims will automatically be transmitted to the clearing house for rapid processing. Easily configured fee schedules make claims generation even more efficient.

Electronic Claims

Filing of electronic claims has never been easier than with Amber Clinic Manager’s integrated electronic filing and claim status tracking. No longer will you need additional programs to file your claims. Amber Clinic Manger handles it all and displays the status of your electronic submissions where they are needed the most.

Electronic Remittance

Payment information can be downloaded directly into Amber Clinic Manager. Do away with the tedium and errors associated with insurance payments and determinations. All payments and write-offs are presented on screen for your approval and a single click approves and enters all of the payment data for you!.


All of your information is available via a powerful and easy to use reporting system. Your reports can be printed or viewed on screen from any location. Applicable reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV or text files. Optionally, on a monthly basis, a customized set of your clinic's data can be delivered automatically to your office in the form of printed reports, electronic files or on CD-ROM.

Documents & Images

Photographs, text documents and external images can easily be incorporated into the patient's electronic record via upload or scanner.


Print one statement or many from your office or have statements processed and mailed automatically by Amber Clinic Manager support staff.

Multiple Providers

Whether you're a single physician or a multiple provider clinic, your provider details and payer-specific information is easily handled by the Amber Clinic Manager.

Ambulance Billing

A new, special-feature module simply and efficiently guides you through the creation of ANSI compliant Ambulance Claims.


With Amber Clinic Manager QuickStart, your billing operations can be up and running in a matter of minutes.  By offering easy access to default ICD-9 and CPT-13 code sets as well as regional insurance carrier lists, the Amber Clinic Manager wizards will efficiently take you through the steps of entering the essential information to begin filing claims immediately.

Built in Support Chat and Email

The support staff for Amber Clinic Manager can be contacted immediately from within the application itself. Now you and your staff can receive immediate assistance and answers to your questions by sending an email or invoking a chat session with an Amber Clinic Manager support specialist without picking up a phone or leaving your desk.


Don't endanger your vital clinical and patient data by exposing it to your browser's exploits and flaws. Amber Clinic Manager is a full desktop application that runs independent of your browser, thus allowing speed and security unrivaled by browser-based applications. All information is transmitted over the internet via 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) and stored in encrypted databases at our secured facilities.


No longer will you have to struggle with the expense and tedium of backups.  All of your information is stored on redundant storage media and is backed up nightly. All information is also mirrored to a secondary remote site in real-time as a failsafe secondary point of access.

Note: Some features may represent optional, platform specific or pay services.

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