I am happy to announce that our big, Spring 2016 Release of the Amber CIL/Amber Clinic Manager is out in the wild.  We were fortunate enough to to get some great feedback and ideas during our Best Practices Conference in Jefferson City, MO earlier this year and have worked hard to deliver on our promises and to bring some great new features to the Amber Managers.

Among some of the new features and improvements are:

  • New Time & Attendance Vendor compatibility with Clock In Clock Out
  • New Payroll Export Vendor compatibility with Paychex
  • New Reports to help identify and report on non- and un-paid insurance claims.
  • New Reports for Consumer/Client lists by Case Managers and Attending care providers.
  • Improvements to Plan of Care retention.
  • Improved merging of existing charges from telephony/data imports.
  • Ability to manually override daily automated claims submission.
  • A myriad of smaller quality of life improvements.

We were fortunate to get the opportunity to solicit ideas and suggestions directly from the people working with our program and couldn’t be happier as we roll out this new version directly addressing some of their needs and wishes.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts, comments or concerns about this new release!

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