COVID 19 Charges and Tele-Welleness checks (made easy) with Amber.

I just wanted to share one of the many joys of being a company able and agile enough to respond, react, and enable our clients to do cool things.   On April 17, MO HealthNet issue guidance on new reimbursement possibilities for providers of Personal Care services for conducting Health and Welfare Checks to their participants.  In short, extra payments (up to 5 hours/20 units a month!) for providing a much-needed serivce.  Clearly a win-win for everyone!  Upon seeiing this guidance and the technical requirements, we immediately set to work and four days later rolled out a new import specifically for the task of importing this time (from wherever you may have tracked it) into the Amber CIL Manager for easy charge creation.  We literally had clients recouping these monies six days after the provision was announced!  That's pretty cool!  

In short, if you're not yet taking advantage of this, here are the details from Missouri HealthNet.

The benefits were made retroactive to March 13th.  Feel free to give us a call at 877-GRAY-SWAN to discuss how to get this billed in one easy operation using the Amber CIL Manager.

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