Gray Swan Software is proud to announce the immediately availability of our own, integrated Electronic Visit Verification service:  the Amber Chron Manager.

It was pretty clear the market was in need of an easy to use, affordable and compliant EVV solution built specifically for the needs of the CDS, HBCS and Home Health markets.  Enter the Amber Chron Manager.  Built from the ground up using the same "get it done" formula as the Amber CIL and Amber Clinic Managers, the Amber Chron Manager does just that.

In conjunction with the Amber CIL Manager (required), you can use the new EVV Dashboard to easily monitor top metrics such as worker activity, missed punches and over-long shifts.  We've also created a whole new catagory of reports for easy accounting of daily time details, overlapping shifts and invalid or missed time events!  You can even see the expected location vs. the real location of punches right on a map!

...and yes, we are also rolling out our own conventional, dial-in telephony service for when an app might not be feasible.

What are you waiting for?  Call us at 877-GRAY-SWAN and start saving time and money right now!

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