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2022-04-19 Service Outage

On the morning of Tuesday, April 19 we suffered an outage that caused the loss of service of all inbound and outbound functionality for the Amber Clinic, Amber CIL and Amber Chron Managers.

We are still researching the root cause.  What we do know is that the infrasture where our main server is housed was under a signficant denial of network service attack.  Concerned for both data integrity and performance, we started a rollover to one of serveral backup servers we maintain for just such an event.  Unfortunately, what we thought was a well rehearsed failover, unraveled in several different ways and resulted in a downtown that extended through most of the day.  

We'll let you know what we find as we dive into the multiple causes of this downtime.  

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to let us know.

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